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Copper cleaning reviews

Stories of our customers who have cleaned their Copper with Coat & Shine®

Monique Heinen - Steyl

Coat & Shine ordered at the recommendation of my sister. Cleaned my Pandora jewelry with this. Simply fantastic! All dark and dull spots are gone without much effort. A few drops on the cloth and it shines like never before. Immediately pulled out the rest of the jewelry and also cleaned it. I am very happy with it!
Natachja van der Slot - Zoetermeer

Fast delivery of the product. I am also very happy with it. I immediately started polishing my jewelry. Black deposits on my jewelry disappeared like snow in the sun. In no time at all, everything was clean and shiny. Have also tried it on bijoux and even those have become shiny again. I honestly didn't expect that.
Marcia Hulst - Vlaardingen

Very fast delivery and the coat and shine works perfectly to make your Josh jewelry shine again !! Recommended !!
Myra Koolen - Amstenrade

I have cleaned a (dirty) silver charm with an amazing!
Angelique Dirks - Ittervoort

Also jewelry that has not been worn for some time will be beautiful again!

What does Copper cleaning mean and what are the consequences?

There is sulfur in the air, which causes the metal on your Copper to quickly become dull and oxidized. If you clean your Copper with a polishing agent, your Copper will be affected. You must also regularly clean your Copper because the combination of both oxides and sulphides will continue to return. In addition, polishing too often also reduces the value of your Copper. Imagine that by using a wrong cleaning method you will permanently damage your wedding ring or an inherited piece of jewelry. Start cleaning safely and protect your jewelry against dullness from the outside environment. Coat & Shine, we do it out of love for your jewelry!

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Stop damaging your Copper by cleaning it wrong!

You care about your Copper, just like we do! Experience the safest and most innovative way to clean Copper. Coat & Shine has a direct result that you will see while cleaning your Copper, your jewelry will shine like you just bought it new. Coat & Shine makes your Copper clean and shiny again without damaging it like a regular polish would. Besides that Coat & Shine also contains another unique formula; It does not only clean and remove the dull and oxidized layer from your Copper but also applies an invisible layer of protection based on nanotechnology. This way oxide and sulfide get no chance to affect your Copper and your Copper will shine much longer.

Buy the safest cleaner
100% Safe

Safe for your Copper:Coat & Shine® cleans your jewelry without abrasion. You can easily clean valuable jewelry such as an heirloom or wedding ring. Also safe for gems and crystals.
One drop

The packaging is designed small and handy. Only 1 drop of Coat & Shine® is needed to clean a ring. You can do more than 40 cleanings with a 30ml bottle and thus save the environment.
All metals

For instance (rosé)gold, silver, palladium, platinum, copper and even rhodium-plated, silver-plated and gold-plated jewelry. One product for all metals saves you space in your cupboard. That way you don't need to think about which out of all different products you need to clean your Copper.
Shines longer

The added invisible layer gives extra protection against oxides and sulfides so that you can enjoy beautiful jewelry for much longer.

What is the safest to use?

ProductCopperTime needed
Dip5 min.
Polish60 sec.
Silver Cloth2 min.
Baking Soda20 min.
Cola15 min.
Coat & Shine60 sec.

About copper

Is Coat & Shine a polish?
No, the unique formula of Coat & Shine cleans and protects your jewelry without polishing or damaging it like other polishes do. This way the value of your jewelry remains optimal.
Does Coat & Shine work on tooled jewelry?
Definitely, Coat & Shine is suitable for all metals, even rhodium-plated, silver-plated and gold-plated jewelry.
Can I also test Coat & Shine first?
Yes, ask your local jeweler for a free demonstration. This way you can immediately experience the effect of Coat & Shine on your own jewelry.

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Our green mission

How we want Copper cleaning to become green

Responsibility, sustainability, energy saving, recycling and waste reduction are keywords that we work with every day at Coat & Shine. We also have many other plans to become the most green and sustainable juwelry protection company step by step. Join us and start using green and sustainable juwelry protection and cleaning products from now on. Together for a better and greener future!
Plastic reduction:
There is currently about 800 million tons of plastic floating in the ocean. Shockingly much! We want to do everything we can to ensure that this number does not increase (and preferably even decrease!). That is why we choose to package your purchased products without plastics (bubble wrap) as much as we can. We therefore do not purchase new plastic packaging materials but use recycled shredded paper. With this we ensure a significant reduction in waste and stop new supplies of plastic.
Sustainable packaging:
You have undoubtedly already experienced it yourself; you receive your ordered product in a (much) too large box, sometimes even containing an extra box. It just hurts when we think about it. To prevent this, we package each order in a suitable box at a responsible size.
Green energy:
The Borssele nuclear power plant in Zeeland (Netherlands) alone produces 10 tons of nuclear waste every year! Nuclear waste only loses its radioactivity after 240,000 years. We want to protect the environment and therefore use green energy.
Digital process:
Every year, between 1,500 and 3,500 hectares of forest disappears. To counter this, the use of paper should be excluded. For this reason, we have set up our work process completely digitally and send our invoices exclusively by e-mail.
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