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Discover the safest and most protective way to clean silver without soda!

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How to clean your silver with soda?

1) Pour 200ml of hot water into a bowl. Pick a bowl in an appropriate size for the # you are cleaning. You only need about 200ml of hot water to clean most items. If you try to clean a larger piece of jewelry you can add a bit of water according to it. Use hot water from your faucet, or microwave the water in the bowl for about 30 seconds.

2) Mix 10 gram (2 tsp) of baking soda. Use a measuring device to scoop up 10 gram (or 2 teaspoons) of baking soda and pour it into the bowl.Stir the ingredients together with a spoon so the baking soda dissolves into the water. If the baking soda won’t dissolve into the water properly, try to heat it up in the microwave for 30 seconds.

3) Soak your jewelry in the solution for 5 to 10 minutes. Place the jewelry into the bowl of baking soda solution. Ensure the jewelry is completely covered in the water. Set a timer for 5 to 10 minutes so the baking soda can bite off sulfides and debris. You can clean multiple pieces of jewelry at the same time.

4) Remove the baking soda and residue by rinsing the jewelry in cool water. After your jewelry soaks for a while, it should be mostly clean. Take it out of the bowl, pour your solution down the drain, and wash the jewelry in cool water. If you have rings or small earrings, fill your bowl with cool water and place the jewelry inside. This way, they do not slip out of your hands. Do this for valuable jewelry too if you’d like.

5) Pat the jewelry dry with a clean towel. After you rinse your jewelry, locate a clean rag or paper towel to get rid of the excess water. Be sure to dry your jewelry right away to prevent water stains and oxidation.

Clean safe instead
! Warning:
If you own valuable jewelry then please don`t use this method. Using soda to clean your jewelry will damage them and lower it`s value. You might want to consider a safe and soft way to clean your jewelry. Try this safe product instead.

Clean safe instead

Stop damaging your silver by cleaning it with soda!

You care about your silver, just like we do! Cleaning your silver with soda will damage them and reducing it`s value. Experience the safest and most innovative way to clean silver without soda. Coat & Shine has a direct result that you will see while cleaning your silver, your jewelry will shine like you just bought it new. Coat & Shine makes your silver clean and shiny again without damaging it like soda would. Besides that Coat & Shine also contains another unique formula; It does not only clean and remove the dull and oxidized layer from your silver but also applies an invisible layer of protection based on nanotechnology. This way oxide and sulfide get no chance to affect your silver and your silver will shine much longer. Stop damaging your silver with soda and start using Coat & Shine instead.

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Safe for your silver:Coat & Shine® cleans your jewelry without abrasion like soda would. You can easily clean valuable jewelry such as an heirloom or wedding ring. Also safe for gems and crystals.

One drop

The packaging is designed small and handy. Only 1 drop of Coat & Shine® is needed to clean a ring. You can do more than 40 cleanings with a 30ml bottle and thus save the environment.
All metals

For instance (rosé)gold, silver, palladium, platinum, copper and even rhodium-plated, silver-plated and gold-plated jewelry. One product for all metals saves you space in your cupboard. That way you don't need to think about which out of all different products you need to clean your silver.
Shines longer

The added invisible layer gives extra protection against oxides and sulfides so that you can enjoy beautiful jewelry for much longer.

Goldsmith Jeanine about the profession.

From childhood I have been interested in jewelry. It has been a passion of mine to be making custom jewelry for over 19 years. In addition, I also offer some commercial jewelry lines in my studio. I enjoy working every day to find the perfect piece of jewelry for the customer. Each story is unique and as a goldsmith I often get the opportunity to create a traditional jewel for the customer. Something you can be proud of afterwards.

And that makes Coat & Shine® so unique!

A personal piece of jewelry is unique and has a lot of emotional value, you want the very best for your customer and the piece of jewelry. You want your customer to be able to enjoy a beautifully custom piece of jewelry for as long as possible. I myself use Coat & Shine daily because it is gentle on silver. In addition, it removes oxides and sulfides (black and dull layer) of the metal without affecting the metal. Because jewelry stays beautiful longer, I also have to clean my collection less often. As far as I am concerned, Coat & Shine is highly recommended! - Goldsmith Jeanine

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What customers say about silver cleaning with Coat & Shine®:

Experiences and reviews of our customers who have cleaned their silver with Coat & Shine®.

Saskia Wulmsen - Dommelen

When I opened the bottle last month I was a bit skeptical, because the stuff is pink (I don't like pink :-)). My silver Buddha to Buddha ring and my silver Zeuz bracelet secretly looked like new after a minute of cleaning. And now, a month later, they still shine. For me, this purchase is certainly beyond expectations!
Myra Koolen - Amstenrade

I have cleaned a (dirty) silver charm with an amazing!
Monique Heinen - Steyl

Coat & Shine ordered at the recommendation of my sister. Cleaned my Pandora jewelry with this. Simply fantastic! All dark and dull spots are gone without much effort. A few drops on the cloth and it shines like never before. Immediately pulled out the rest of the jewelry and also cleaned it. I am very happy with it!
Natachja van der Slot - Zoetermeer

Fast delivery of the product. I am also very happy with it. I immediately started polishing my jewelry. Black deposits on my jewelry disappeared like snow in the sun. In no time at all, everything was clean and shiny. Have also tried it on bijoux and even those have become shiny again. I honestly didn't expect that.
W Hoekema - Vlaardingen

The copper has been cleaned very nicely and it looks very shiny again! Now I hope it stays that way for a long time !!!!!

What does silver cleaning mean and what are the consequences?

There is sulfur in the air, which causes the metal on your silver to quickly become dull and oxidized. If you clean your silver with a polishing agent, your silver will be affected. You must also regularly clean your silver because the combination of both oxides and sulphides will continue to return. In addition, polishing too often also reduces the value of your silver. Imagine that by using a wrong cleaning method you will permanently damage your wedding ring or an inherited piece of jewelry. Start cleaning safely and protect your jewelry against dullness from the outside environment. Coat & Shine, we do it out of love for your jewelry!

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About silver

Step 1
Put a few drops on the free enclosedmicrofibre cloth.
Step 2
Gently rub your silver until the oxide is gone and the metal shines again. You can immediately see the difference!
Step 3
Let the silver rest for 1 minute to activate the unique nanotechnology protection. Time to shine!
Beautiful jewelry can be that simple
Show me some love
Be sweet to me, be gentle to me, take care for me. Sincerely, Your jewelry.

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Questions and Answers about cleaning silver with Coat & Shine®:

Is Coat & Shine a polish?

No, the unique formula of Coat & Shine cleans and protects your jewelry without polishing or damaging it like other polishes do. This way the value of your jewelry remains optimal.

Does Coat & Shine work on tooled jewelry?

Definitely, Coat & Shine is suitable for all metals, even rhodium-plated, silver-plated and gold-plated jewelry.

Can I also test Coat & Shine first?

Yes, ask your local jeweler for a free demonstration. This way you can immediately experience the effect of Coat & Shine on your own jewelry.

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